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Traffup Free Social Media Traffic Exchange

traffup social media traffic exchange

Traffup What is it?

When you have little or no marketing budget for your home business, blog, or affiliate programs. You aren't able to spend much on paid advertising, so you turn to a website like traffup to start driving traffic and building your audience. Traffup you can perform simple tasks to gain points used to gain website traffic, likes,followers, favorites, retweets, and subscribers. 

How to Earn Points

There are 5 different ways you can earn points on traffup. Each task you complete you will earn up to 50 points each, which will be used for your own website traffic and social media interaction. 

Website Exchange

Visit other members websites and blogs to gain points. Once clicking on the site you will be required to stay on that page for 15 seconds and then verify you're not a bot. Then your points will be rewarded. 

Even better you will be able to add your own websites to the page for others to visit and learn about. 
The ability to submit your websites, blog posts, business opportunities, and affiliate programs. It's best to assign 50 points to each url you add for maximum exposure and views. The more points you assign the more likely the link will be clicked on and resulting in more views. Adding a website you will be able to add the url, title, amount of points, category, and a brief description. Be sure to use the right category and a good description to ensure the right people are visiting your site.

Twitter Interaction

Enjoy using Twitter? This option is another great way to gain points and find more people to follow. You can get rewarded for following others, retweeting tweets, and even favoriting tweets. Each potentially yielding up to 50 per task. You have the choice of picking who to follow and which tweets you want to interact with. It is a good idea to follow people that are into the same interests and content that you are. Targeting the right audience is best, when building a home business.

Connect your own Twitter account to the most active community of Twitter users. Once your account is connected you will be able to gain a great amount of new followers and get more interactions on tweets you choose to share on there. You will be able to add tweets from your account by obtaining the url of your tweet. Once your tweets are added you will be able to assign points for users to retweet and favorite your content. When a user retweets your content, you then are exposed to their friends on their own twitter account. Resulting in a bigger opportunity of traffic back to you.

Facebook Likes

This section you will be able to like and follow other Facebook pages. This another great option to find other like minded people to follow and connect with. Look for the right target audience and follow them!

Looking to expand your Facebook business page? This is perfect to get more exposure of it without spending all the money on Facebook paid advertising. Simply connect your business profile or page and gain more likes and people to follow you. Grow your audience and brand awareness for free with minimal work.

Instagram Love

Follow relevant Instagram profiles and interact with pictures to gain more points. With a potential of 50 points for each follow and every post you like.

Link your Instagram account to gain followers. Add posts from your account by posting the url id of the picture and allow others to favorite your content. Another great free brand awareness opportunity instead of paying for Instagram ads.

YouTube Views 

Love watching videos and finding new channels on Youtube? Get rewarded to like videos and subscribe to channels.

Failing to gain the amount views and subscribers you expected? Connect your YouTube account to traffup to receive more likes, views, and subscribers. Even more opportunity for your videos to be shared with others. Add your account to gain more subscribers and even add videos you want to see more exposure to.

Free Members Vs Pro Members 

Free members  

 Still have access to all 5 social exchange options and have opportunity to gain good amounts of traffic and social media interaction. With a free membership you will have a certain hourly and daily limit of actions you can perform. When a you're a free member you will have to spend a little extra time performing more actions to receive maximum points.

Pro Members

Traffup has an option to become a pro member. Unlocking extra benefits not available to free members. There's 7 options to buy different point packages to be a pro member.
  1. 2,000 points + 1 day as pro
  2. 5,000 points + 2 days as pro
  3. 9,000 points + 3 days as pro
  4. 20,000 points + 5 days as pro
  5. 50,000 points + 10 days as pro
  6. 200,000 points + 30 days as pro
  7. 500,000 points + 60 days as pro
Instead of performing actions to gain points you are able to purchase them and involve less work from you. According on which package you choose, you will be a pro member until the day limit expires. Once the pro member days expire, you will be considered a free member again. Points will not disappear once pro membership days end, but will last until they are all used.

Pro members gain access to extra perks.
  • More exposure- all listings including websites, tweets, profiles will appear at the top of the list. Receiving more visits vs a free member.
  • More control with Geo-Targeting- Target visitors from countries of your choice. The ability to save more points by promoting to the right audience.
  • More opportunities to earn points-  Receive double hourly and daily limits. The ability to follow more people, more retweets, like more pages, etc. All around able to gain more points compared to a free member.

Advertise With Traffup 

Traffup also offers the ability to advertise on their site. Find your best banner ads and promote them on traffup for even more exposure and traffic back to you. There's 3 options to put your own banner ads on traffup.
  1. Big Rectangle 300x250 Banner Ad (Est. 100k impressions/ 30 days)
  2. Small Square 125x125 Banner Ad (Est. 200k impressions/ 30 days)
  3. Leaderboard 728x90 Banner Ad (Est. 95k impressions/ 30 days)
Why Traffup for your Banner Ad?
  • #1 Social Exchange Network
  • Nearly 1M Monthly Impressions
  • Transparent and Low Pricing
  • Real-Time Performance Tracking
  • Big & Active User Base
  • Guaranteed Impressions
If you're a person that enjoys banner advertising this site is worth a shot!

Traffup Affiliate 

Do you enjoy affiliate programs? If you do then traffup even offers one you can take part in! A 3 level referral bonus program.

  • 100 points when you refer a person that joins traffup. 50 points on the 2nd level referral. Then 25 points on a 3rd level referral
  • Also receive 5% of points on your referrals when they purchase points. Receive 2% of points on 2nd level referrals. Even 1% points on 3rd level referrals.
Another option in gaining even more points for maximum exposure for your business and social media platforms.

They also offer 20 different banner ads of different sizes to promote traffup on YOUR own website and blog! To make the affiliate program easier to promote.

Every home business owner has to start at the bottom and work their way to the ladder of success. When starting out the budget for paid advertising might not be there. The next best option is to practice the free options you have out there. Next best option to paid advertising is free advertising through social media. To be successful with social media marketing you must build an audience on the platform first. This is where traffup comes into play. Making the process easier in building your social media profiles with more followers and interaction to your content.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mindset is the Secret Formula


Mindset= Secret Formula

The main key in succeeding in the network marketing world is YOUR mindset. The proper mindset will help you realize what you have to do to reach your goals. Look at your business from a whole new perspective. Recruit your team's members using a different "pretend circumstances". When I was first introduced into network marketing, I always worried about what was the perfect thing to say to someone to introduce them. Spending too much time on this was cutting into the time actually spent exposing new people. Then I learned the secret formula to success.

New Mindset  

A new mindset will give you new results! Let's spend less time worrying about the right thing to say to a prospect. Obviously you're going to receive a lot more no's than yes's. It's just a fact in this industry most people won't be interested. So, with this being said don't practice turning a no into a yes! Let your results down the road bring that person back to you. "You can't say the wrong thing to the right person, or say the right thing to the wrong person".  It's all about the timing! If you expose your opportunity to a prospect and they say No... Oh well that is their loss and move on. A no can be discouraging in this industry, but don't let it get to you.

You may wonder, how am I going to recruit people and not get discouraged about No's? Simple your MINDSET. Let's pretend your opportunity paid you $500 every time you invited someone. Doesn't matter whether they say yes or no, just paid you for inviting them. How many people would you invite? A ton right? Put this mindset into your head. Now how would feel if you invited someone and they said no? You wouldn't mind it and would automatically move on to the next person. The goal is go out and talk to people regardless the answer you receive from them.


Now, incorporating your new mindset let's apply it to building your team. Switch your mindset from talking to everyone, but to anyone there is a difference. New recruit is going to talk to everyone one they. This making them a nuisance to most people and scaring them off. A professional mindset they will talk to anyone. A master marketer knows they are always in control and have the ability to talk to anyone. A master doesn't worry about inviting a 100 people per day. They are comfortable inviting one a day and let it take its course from there. Resulting in a less stressed environment, they are in control. In a master marketer mindset. What would you say to a prospect? You don't really know. It doesn't matter it's all about the timing in that person's life. It's all about the current surroundings in their life at the current moment. If it's to overwhelming they will say no, they just aren't hearing you.

90 Day Challenge

Putting this new mindset into place here is a challenge for you. For the next 90 days invite one person a day. NO EXCEPTIONS! Every single day invite one person to your opportunity. If you miss a day and fail to do so, then you got to restart over again. It is crucial to invite everyday! Do not break your chain and watch the results at the end your business is going to grow. Inviting 90 people over 90 days, is going to be a lot more productive than someone inviting 90 in a year. Take this mindset and become a master marketer.

robert kiyosaki quote

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5 Tips to Get Leads with Videos

Leads with Video Marketing

In today's online marketing world, videos are the secret to succeeding online. Building a business online, it is crucial to get leads! What better way to get a lead to opt-in after watching a video?

#1 Answer The Questions Of Your Market

Always wonder about what you're going to make your video about?   
  • what are some of the problem points in your market                                     
  • what are some struggles that are being faced and need answers to?
This is what brings people to the Internet.

People come searching the Internet seeking information about a problem, or find a solution to their struggle. Figuring out the problems people are facing and providing the solution through your content. Resulting in attracting new leads to you. If you can do this then it all fall into place.

#2 Talking Heads Are Best

Most people are afraid to get in front of the camera. Matter of  fact even terrified of doing it. When creating a video prospects are able to see your face, hear your voice and get to know your personality. The more they know you and can relate the better quality of leads you will receive.  Creating a list of  pre-sold people who are sold on YOU. When a lead gets to know you a little first and then opt-in. They are thing "This person is cool and what they are saying is useful I'll join them" The process of creating a highly engaged email list begins.

#3 Educate Your Audience

The goal is to INSPIRE and EDUCATE by showing your visitors what is possible, then urging them to take action. Educate viewers on something they probably didn't know before watching your video. UNDER PROMISE AND OVER DELIVER. Educate your audience while leading them down the right path.

#4 Take Advantage of branding opportunities

Sure you would like your videos to be as nice and professional as possible, but this could actually turn people away. Making your audience feel like they couldn't do what you are doing. Make a video easy to follow and nice, but not to over the top. Take opportunities to brand your videos put your name in the bottom corner of your video, personal website/blog, or your own logo. Great way to embed your brand into their heads.
#5 Ditch The Scripts
The goal is to be as authentic as you can. Scripts can be good to get an idea of what your video is about. Don't read word for word, they will be able to tell. Come straight from your heart say what comes to your mind. It's your video you know all about the topic say what you are feeling.

Follow 5 key tips
  • Become more confident in videos
  • Be authentic in your videos. Be YOU
  • Maximize your brand with videos
  • Watch the leads stack up

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