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Facebook Business 101 [Infographic]

Facebook Home Business Gold

Facebook the king of social media with 1.65 billion monthly active users. Facebook is a perfect fit to build a business brand, promote products, services, build relationships, and keep in touch with friends. If you're not using Facebook, then you should start now. This is too big of a market not to take advantage of!

Here's some helpful statistics.
  • There are 4.5 billion likes generated everyday.
  • 1.09 billion people log into Facebook everyday.
  • Average like and share buttons are viewed across almost 10 million websites daily.
  • Europe has over 307 million people on Facebook.
- This means your content can reach a worldwide audience.
  • 5 new profiles are created every second.
- Your potential audience is growing rapidly every day.

  • Facebook users are 76% female and 66% male.
- Which means your should be able to equally reach both genders.   

Key times to reach your audience
  • Highest traffic occurs midweek between 1pm-3pm
- Peak time to reach your audience and results in more traffic to your site or content.
- Good time to post is in evening around 7pm. Brings in more engagement.
- Facebook has a global audience, so it is beneficial to plan posts around all time zones for most engagement.

  • Thursdays and Fridays engagement is 18% higher.
- Optimize your social media marketing efforts.

  • 300 million photos are uploaded daily.
- With this being said you're competing with a lot of others, so make your content unique and market strategically.
  • Average Facebook visit is 20 minutes.
- You have a limited time to make and impression on your audience. Make it count! Posts need to be unique and interesting to catch their eye. When they are scrolling through posts, you want to make them stop and check out your content.
  • Every 60 seconds 510 comments are posted, 293,00 statuses posted, and 136,00 photos uploaded.
  • 4.75 billions pieces of content is shared daily.
- Make your content interesting and eye-popping. The goal is to make your content easily sharable useful for others to see. The more it is shared the more exposure you will get.
  • 1 in 5 page views in U.S. occurs on Facebook.
  • 42% of marketers says that Facebook is crucial for business.
This should be 100% of marketers! You can't afford to sit out on this massive platform!

Facebook Personal Page vs Fan Page

Personal Page
Exactly the name of it meant for your personal use. Used to keep in touch with family and friends. There's not much of a business aspect if you're using a personal page to promote your business. If using a personal page for business you are most likely to annoy more people than actually interest them. Most of the time family and friends want to see accomplishments, funny memes, videos, etc. They would possibly get annoyed seeing to many business related posts. They are not there to be sold on something, but to keep in touch with the ones they are close to. Now with this being said you can still post some business related statuses, videos, pictures, or whatever. Just shouldn't go full throttle and annoy the people who are most likely not interested. It's all about targeting the right audience. Best thing to do is keep this page more personal with small business posts here and there.

Fan Page
If you're using Facebook as a marketing tool, then you want to create a fan page. Creating a fan page unlocks a whole new business aspect using Facebook platform. This is where you are going to be able to unleash your business and easily grow your brand.
  • Fan page can have unlimited amount of fans. There's no limit on how many people can like and follow your page. compared to a personal page that limits to only a 5,000 friend limit. This right here is already a great reason to create a page to use other than a personal one. Never limit the size of your audience!
  • unlimited exposure of your brand!
  • With a fan page you are able to keep your business aspect separate from your personal life. No more annoying the people who are close to you.
  • The ability to keep your personal page private and you're fan page open to anyone.
  • Fan pages are search engine indexed. Even bigger possibility of your audience finding you.
  • Fans and other fan pages are able to tag your fan page. Friends can only tag personal pages.
  • Facebook insights are unlocked when a fan page is created.
- Keep track of views on all your posts and check your weekly reach.
- Including post reach, post engagement, sign ups, and website clicks. Also tracks organic traffic and paid traffic.
  • Learn which posts and content is the most effective.
  • Facebook tabs are unlocked.
  • Personal pages look amateur compared to business fan pages.
- You only get one first impression, make it count!
  • #1 reason to have a fan page. Access to Facebook advertising! Target your key audience easily!
  • Create and manage ads.
  • Access to mobile ads
  •  Lead generation ads
  • Promote your posts
  • Call to action button. Give motivation for your audience to engage with you. Whether it's to watch a video, visit your site, sign-up for emails, or even send you a message.
  • Even create apps to put on your page.

Facebook Groups

There are 3 different types of groups type closed, open, and private.

People can find and see the group. They can only see members of the group and must ask to join the group to see posts. Closed groups reduces the spam. Used to accept reliable customers, promote training strategies, products, and etc. Can be used to receive feedback from customers. Share new ideas and discounts.

Private or Secret Groups
Only members of the groups can see whose in the groups and the posts of the group. It is invited only. Used for customers and team members to share information, training, webinars, products, coaching, etc. Best group to keep your team organized and growing.

Open Groups
Anyone can see who's on the group and posts within the group. This group is best used to bring your brand awareness to a bigger mass of people since anyone can join. These are potential customers in your niche. Also other members are able to post and bring their awareness into the group. Will usually attract more spam, but can be controlled in the group settings. There usually isn't much selling from the admin or creator of the group. Best thing to do is create a good about page and description about yourself. Include mission statement, business, service, products, or whatever you are wanting them to see. Best thing to do instead of constantly posting is pin a post to the top of the page for all members to see of what you are promoting. This group is best to appeal to a bigger audience and then bring the people interested working with you into your secret or closed groups.

Get on Facebook now!

If you're not on Facebook, then you better start now! It is way to big to be missing out on. Every marketer and business owner should be using Facebook to get their brand out there. Start a fan page and start promoting your business with its adverting platform. Create some lead generation ads, mobile ads, promote your posts, call to actions, and promote your page. Definitely won't regret it! Then create the right groups to keep your teams and customers together. The more you use Facebook the bigger your business will grow.

P.S. If you're struggling with Facebook ads then grab this cheat sheet!--->Here

Simple Steps to Enhance Brand Awareness

Why Establish Your Own Brand?

A Brand helps distinguish yourself from your competitors and create a lasting impression for your audience. Creating an image for your audience to recognize and know what you're about. That first impression is going to be key, to keep the audience coming back and becoming customers. People tend to spend more money on name brand items and services more often. There has probably been plenty of times where you think about going with the off brand of something, but don't right? You don't know much about that brand and how good the quality is, so you decide to stick with the name brand and spend a little extra money for it. Because you know the quality of the product and aren't going to be let down.

This is going to be the same for your home business. The better the brand awareness, the more successful you will be. Build that trust with your audience and your business will grow!

First Step for Your Brand

The first thing to do to set up your build is make yourself unique from others. If you are in a network marketing, MLM, affiliate company, etc. You're usually given a link to refer your customers or people interested in your opportunity. Bad thing about this link is there are thousands of other people in that company using the same link and the only difference is the user name used in the link. You can get a head of all your competition by purchasing your own domain. Instead of having a basic company given link to your audience, you will be able to give them a branded link. Which will look more professional and interest them more. Some examples to look into. Anything with your name is a great.
  • linkwithyourname.com                 
  • partnerwithyourname.com                                                                                                           
  • succeedwithyourname.com
  • growwithyourname.com
The list can go on and on, but a simple branding technique like this will put you on the top and be more recognizable. Most people aren't taught about branding in their home business and won't even think about this. It's all about sticking out from the crowd. Putting in the extra work, will reap extra reward.

Creating Brand Pictures

Whether you're posting pictures on social media or creating pictures of products and services. This is another simple branding process a lot of people seem to look over. Sure it seems easy to google search pictures and quotes and post them to your social media accounts and get interaction with people. But this isn't putting any work into your own personal brand at all. You're using someone else's work and brand to do it. Take the time to create your quote images and pictures and when you do you can easily put your branded link along with the image. For example I might create an image for my blog and I'm going to leave my brand by putting partnerwithderek.com in the bottom right corner of the image.

That way if someone was to see the image in google search or share it, others will be able to notice and it and attract them back to me. Another simple branding technique that literally isn't going to take much time to execute and will benefit you greatly.

Check out Canva for creating great images for your brand!

Start A Blog for Your Brand

Starting a blog is probably the ultimate way to set up a brand for yourself. This is the best option for creating a domain for yourself and using it for your blog domain. A blog is where you will be able to dominate a whole website with your brand! You will be able to combine all of your content into one area and easier for your audience to find and see. The ability of branding everything on your blog ranging from the content, pictures, products, services, and whatever else you include.

Put in the Extra Effort and Your Business Will to Grow

This isn't all the options on the process of getting your brand rolling. These are simple overlooked techniques that can increase your business with minimal work. There's much more to look into, once the ball is rolling!

  1. create a domain
  2. create original content
  3. start a blog
These are the first steps in starting your brand awareness!

P.s. If you are looking for all the techniques to build your brand and attract people to your business. You might want to check this out! --->Here

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How I made $10k+ in 6 Months

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is the process of moving goods from a manufacturer or retailer to the customer without a brick and mortar storefront. When a store sells a product, it will purchase the item from a third-party and it is then shipped directly to the customer. Therefore the store never has to process or handle the item. Big positive aspect of this fulfillment style, no overhead and never have to keep inventory.

Is Drop Shipping beneficial?

Minimal Capital Required

You don't have to purchase the product until it has sold and the customer has paid for it. This business model can be started with relatively small capital. Main money to be spent would be on the channel you want to sell on or creating a website for your business.

  • Managing or paying for a warehouse
  • Packing and shipping your orders
  • Tracking inventory for accounting reasons
  • Handling returns and inbound shipments
  • Continually ordering products and managing stock level
Full Time Living On EBAY             

Flexible Location     

This is a major reason! Who wouldn't want to run an ecommerce store from their home? You can literally run this business anywhere with an internet connection. As long as you can communicate with suppliers and customers, you will be able to run your business.

Huge Selection of Products to Choose from

There's literally millions and millions of items you can pick from. As long as your supplier stocks that item, you can list it. Even though you will be able to pick whatever items you want to sell. It's very beneficial to pick a niche of items to sell. Even choose items you have experience with and would be able to answer questions about. Pick a niche market of products that you don't see often as others. For example electronics is a very popular group of products. Instead pick something with a little less competition. You can sell whatever items in your business that you want. It's all about what appeals or works best for you. Trial and error is the best teaching of your business.

Does Drop Shipping Have Disadvantages?

Now before you get to excited about starting your ecommerce journey. There are a couple disadvantages to look into.

Lower Profit Margins

One of the biggest disadvantages of the competitive drop shipping niche. This is because it's so easy to get started and rolling. Overhead costs are so low and easy to manage. A lot of people will try to sell at rock bottom prices to gain more revenue. This is because they had to invest very little capital to start. This is the reason it's best to pick a niche market of products that have less exposure.

Inventory Issues 

If you are sourcing items from multiple suppliers and they're fulfilling orders for other merchants. Then there's a chance an item can go out of stock from the supplier. Then if you are not keeping a tab on the quantity in stock. An item can sell on your store and you won't be able to fulfill the order, resulting in having to cancel the order. There is some ways to synchronize your store with the supplier to keep better track of quantity left, but isn't supported by all suppliers and isn't perfect.  Here's some ways to avoid this situation.

  • Limit the quantity of each item on your site. It's probably best not to put a quantity of over 10 on to your site. Starting off I would suggest quantities of 2-5 of each item. This reduces the chances of the product selling and end up being out of stock with the supplier. Meaning the item can only sell that many times before it shows out of stock on your site. For example if you only have an available quantity of 2 listed and both sold at the same time, but the supplier only had 1 left in stock. Only 1 order would result in a cancellation. The bigger the quantity you offer the higher chance of the item going out of stock, before you can process all the orders. Once you get a basic idea on how often that item goes out of stock and how quickly the supplier restocks that product. You will be able to adjust your quantity of that item appropriately.
  • Find and list products that are available from multiple suppliers. If you have a product that can be only obtained from one supplier and it goes out of stock, then that order won't be able to be fulfilled. If you can find more than one supplier selling the same product around the same price, then you have decreased your chances of being unable to fulfill that order. Now this might not always work out perfectly. If there are 2 suppliers with the same product, but the one with the lower price could be out of stock. Then you would have to order from the one that could cost you a little more, resulting in a little lower profit margin or even a small lost. As long as the order is fulfilled and not cancelled you will be able to keep a happier customer base.
  • Regularly check the stock of items you list from your suppliers. Everyday at least 1-2 times a day check the quantity left of each item on your supplier's website. This will decrease the chances of running into inventory issues. If you check an item from your supplier and it has went out of stock. You will be able to catch it and change the quantity left available to your customers.

Shipping complications

There can be some shipping complexities related to drop shipping. Most drop shippers will work with multiple suppliers. Which can complicate shipping charges. If  a customer was to order more than one item from you but each item came from a different supplier. The shipping charges is going to differ and to the customer may look like you are overcharging for shipping. Best solution for this is choose suppliers that offer free shipping with a minimum purchase of a certain amount of $. Then only list products that qualify for the free shipping. This might limit the amount of items you can sell from that supplier, but will dispose of unwanted customer confusion of different shipping charges.

Supplier Mistakes

There's always mistakes that happen and they will be out of your control. Since you can't control quantity of supplier products, processing, and shipping. You will eventually run into a snag somewhere down the road and it will be out of your control. Whether it's a product going out of stock, an order not getting processed, or an item getting lost in transit. You can limit these mistakes with the right supplier. Research your supplier and read reviews about every aspect that could lead to reasons of not using them. To many complaints of items going out of stock, maybe pass on them. There could be lots of reviews about items getting lost in the transit to the customer. Try avoiding that. Research and learn about suppliers before doing business with them. This will yield minimal mistakes.

Is Drop shipping worth it?

Starting a ecommerce business without tons of overhead and capital. Able to work from home or anywhere on the go creating a passive income is a plus in my book! There are some negatives, but there is negatives to every situation. Even better that these negatives can be kept at a low percentage and maintained with a little extra work. I mean I was able to make over $10k profit in about 6 months! That sounds pretty worth it to me.

Quora For FREE Website Traffic?

What is Quora? Can You Gain Free Traffic from it?

“The best answer to any question” Quora is a Q & A website. You can ask any question in any group you choose, or answer any questions in any category of your choice. Yes! You can generate free website traffic from Quora! As long as you use the site the right way and to its full potential.

Creating A Profile 

When creating a Quora profile you’ll be able to add a bio about yourself, add topics you know about, and add your own website in the bio. Also, you will be able to link your quora account to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr accounts, and even your own WordPress blog! When adding topics you want these to be categories you will be able to answer real questions about. Let’s say you are in the home business niche.

Here are some topics you can add to your profile.
  • Network Marketing
  • Home Business
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Home Based Business
  • Work From Home
  • Seo
  • Social Media Marketing
These are just some of the many categories out there for home business related topics. Add whatever topics best fit your niche you can answer or ones you would like to know more about. There are tons of people either asking the same question you’re thinking and just as many able to answer questions you have.

Quora profile will also aid in SEO efforts, since you are able to add a backlink to a website of your own. Perfect for linking back to your blog. Even better your social media sites are connected to your account and you will be able to share questions/answers to your social media platforms.

How to Gain Free Traffic from Quora

If you are one that takes part in attraction marketing. Then this is great for you! Start providing as much value as you can and start attracting people back to your website. Quora uses a special algorithm to show the best questions from each topic that you’ve added to your profile. Pick a question you can answer and offer some value to and leave a response. Good news about replying to questions.  You will be able to add pictures and links along with your answer.

1.) Best option to gaining traffic back to your website. Look for questions that you would be able to answer with a blog post that you have written. Then post a bit of information from your blog in your answer, next place a link back to that post for them to find out more information for their question. This will be your best bet to gaining the most targeted traffic of people interested in your blog. Since you will be able to answer their question with  your real blog post.

2.) You can still answer a question in one of your niche topics. Instead of answering the question with a blog post. You can answer it to the best of your knowledge, then place a footnote at the bottom with your url to your site.  You will still be able to direct traffic to your site, but not focused on one topic and they will be able to surf your url looking for other information. Maybe even result in a sign-up, sale, lead, etc.

3.) Quora also provides trending topics. Usually questions based off what is trending in the world at the moment. These are topics that get a ton of views and responses. With this technique you will be able to answer questions that might not be related to your niche, but you’re still connecting with people. Yet again it wouldn’t hurt to leave a footnote with a link to your url. This is going to be less targeted traffic, but these questions receive a ton more answers and views. Which could result in extra traffic to your site.  It’s always best try to leave a link back to you in any answers you give to increase more traffic.

Once you have posted an answer others users will be able to upvote and down vote your reply. If it was very helpful and answered it perfectly, most people will upvote and it will give a better chance of others seeing it. If your reply wasn’t that great, then they will down vote and you will have a smaller chance of others seeing it. Always reply with your best answer and stick to the question and try to answer it fully. This will result in better feedback and more traffic back to you. Good thorough answers with a few small paragraphs seem to work the best.

DO NOT be spammy, try to refrain from putting multiple urls in the reply. At the most I would 2-3 urls and they must have purpose for being there. No one likes spam so don’t do it!

Quora Blog

Quora even offers a small blog platform! You can create a blog to write information on for other users to seek information from. The best to do this is create a name for it. If you have a current blog I would name it after that. The best way to gain free traffic from this would be.
Use your current blog posts on your real blog domain. Then take portions of your posts and put them into your quora blog. Since only posting a part of the real post on there, you will catch the reader’s attention. Then they will want to know the rest of the post and would follow your link back to your blog. Resulting in traffic back to your site. When making the title of your post on quora make it into a question and even use blog graphics from your url to promote it. Other users will be able to follow and share your posts.

Quora Stats 

  • How many questions asked      
  • Answers provided
  • How many posts you’ve made on your blog
  • How many times your content has been upvoted
  • How many times your content has been shared
  • All time views to your content
So you will be able to keep track of your progress on the platform.

So… Can you gain free traffic from Quora? YES! You Can!

Provide as much value as you can and link it back to a blog or website and you will be able to attract as much traffic as you need.

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Cold Marketing on Facebook

Cold Marketing Not So Easy?

 Everyone’s worst fear cold marketing right? It doesn’t have to be! It’s eventually going to happen… you’re going to run out of a warm market to speak to. Whether it's friends, family, etc, you will run out of people you know. Well… you’re in luck because Mark Zuckerberg created this thing called Facebook and it’s going to make cold marketing easier for you.

Cold Marketing on Facebook

Obviously cold marketing on Facebook is going to be easier to start a conversation with a person, then it would be one on one. Let’s say you are standing in line at Wal-Mart and you want to spark a conversation real quick. But, how are you going to do that? Sure you could notice something in person’s cart in front of you and start talking about that. That’s a wonderful brand of pizza there I tried it the other day! How do you enjoy it? Yes, this might work, but honestly They are going to be a little weirded out and probably not have much to say back to you. Then most likely go on with their day. If they don’t have anything in their cart or looking at something particular that you could relate back to your business, then you’re wasting your breath. These people aren’t targeted towards your niche and you aren’t gaining anything. What if your cold marketing could be laser targeted?

Facebook Groups

Do you know how many Facebook groups there is? Yea, me either, but there are some for every niche and market out there! For example I work with an affiliate program that offers lead generation for home business owners. When out cold marketing how am I supposed to know which people walking through Wal-Mart has a home business? I don’t, this would be a waste of time for me to do. So, my next best option is find me a Facebook group for my cold marketing efforts. Next I’m going to find a group to search through. For example I found a group called network marketing. Easy enough everyone involved with that group should have some sort of home business, that I can offer my solutions to.

Once you have found a group relevant to your niche. Click on the members tab, then under the details click on the option for join date. This will show you all the recently added members to the group. There it is! Your unlimited cold market prospects!   

Start connecting by clicking on any profile you like. These are people you aren’t friends with brand new prospects, unless you do you have some friends in the group. Simply click on whoever you wish and visit their profile. Then this is where you will be able to find relevant information you can connect with them about. Whether it’s a recent post they have made or something in their about section of them. There will be something of some value to start a conversation about. Make sure they are an active person. If they haven’t posted within a month or two, then you may want to move on to the next one.

Find a post you can interact with either like it or leave a comment, then go up to the top and follow them. This notifying them and leaving them a notification. Now, you’re all set to send them a message breaking the ice. Whatever you chose to relate to them about, spark the conversation with that and wait for a reply.

simple, simple,simple cold marketing strategy that you can start trying out now! Let’s skip the awkward conversations in Wal-Mart and start laser targeting your prospects.

Found some value from this and feel like trying it out? Let me know how it works out for you and even share it with your friends!

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